Monday, November 4, 2013

Paris Je t'aime. Paris, France. Oct. 28, 2013

Arc de Triomphe. Blurry, I took a quick shot from inside the tour bus

Atop the Eiffel Tower. A view of The Trocadero.

Under La Tour Eiffel

Ankle Touch

Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. Shot taken on the River Seine
Boat tour on the River Seine. Don't my mind mother hair lol, it reacted to London water and frizzed out like crazy and despite my buying a converter/adapter, my straightener still broke. Thus, the mother hair appeared.

Shot of Musee du Louvre from inside of the Musee du Louvre. It's that big!

My bff, Mo. Such a crowd just to get a glimpse. I haven't squeezed my way to the front since my last concert (which was a long time ago).

Musee du Louvre. "We love it!"

Opera Populaire. The home of the Phantom. Tour bus shot.

To beat the dreaded English storm, we jetted off to Paris for a day. Though we were at the St. Pancras station by dawn, the weather situation kept us from leaving at our scheduled time causing a tight tour of Paris upon arrival. But, the early trek on the Euro Rail was worth it. Paris was sunny and absolutely gorgeous.

*Cue iconic French song of your dreams*

The classic architecture of the buildings were very familiar, it reminded me of the equally lovely country, Italy. But once you enter the Avenue des Champs-Elysees the city's beauty is entirely its own. Our first stop was the packed Eiffel Tower. From there we took an hour boat tour on the River Seine and got a good glimpse of the grande city. Yet, the lack of sleep loomed over us and the lull of the boat rocked us into dreamland. One by one we plummeted ... for a good 10 to 15 minutes each. 

Our final stop was the Musee du Louvre. One word: Opulent. Mind you, I was exhausted at this point and my feet were hurting, but going through (what we could get through) was well worth the pain. The museum is a gargantuan work of art in itself with gilded rooms and long hallways of art from every century, ancient Mesopotamia to Da Vinci ... including the (small in size, but huge in price) Mona Lisa. I was excited to see the art that I had studied in school (if I wasn't in design, I would've be an art history teacher). The courtyard of the museum was equally brilliant and we took advantage of the scenery by taking as much photos as possible. *Le sigh* The trip was short as we headed back to England the same night, but the day was a great peak into this romantic city. Paris is magnificent, if not a little ostentatious. It's full of pomp and circumstance and I'm definitely coming back again one day. 

*Cue iconic French farewell song*


  1. paris was never so charming until you set foot!

  2. You are the kindest sir! But, I assure you, Paris would be lovelier with you there!


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