Monday, October 28, 2013

Livin' La Vida Doka. Berkeley, CA

Delicious Turkish Kitchen

I've missed uninhibited musicians like this

The window display of this restaurant though. It was even cuter inside

Doka in all her glory

Such a cute Boba tea place


Her Timb's though

Mizz Doka

One October Monday, my beautiful Doka and I took a trip to Berkeley. If you know me well enough, you'd know that I LOVE that place. To some it may look too gritty, but if you dig deep the city is a gem with it's amazing culture and wonderful little nooks (including independent book stores, those are a treasure). 

Having not been there for more than a year, the city greeted us with warm weather; we made it in time before indian summer would end and move into fall. Doka and I spent the day walking and talking arm in arm, just what we needed on this Monday Funday. We drank draaaanks, like Boba tea dranks, ate Turkish food, and joined the (clothed) sunbathers on the UC Berkeley lawn. I then had a realization that it was October and I wasn't one of those students in Starbucks studying for my midterms, instead I was napping on their lawn with no tests in my immediate future. It's strange that I'm actually, finally, done with school. But, that nap and Doka's music was divine though ... except for the homeless man in his boxers right above us and when we got caught in a line of fire; undergrad boys playing frisbee and throwing soft balls around us. 

The day was perfect all the same. Sunny days and great company are hard to come by these days. I encourage a Funday when you have time, with a lovable nutty friend like Doka (lol, if you know her you would nod in agreement), or if you need some "Me" time. Trust me, you probably need it. ;)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grown Up Girl Bonding. Palo Alto, CA

Breezy being a nuthole
The girls and I went to Palo Alto's The Patio for some grown up time. Now that we're all out of college, a nice "after work" TGIF meal seemed nice ... happy hour, of course, for those that, uh, need to save that dolla. This was my first time going to The Patio, a very chill sports bar with good food. We had more than just nachos, trust me (they had sliders, I love those!). But, now that I'm back from Hawaii for good, it's nice seeing my girls more often. I'm definitely home.

And now for a surprise ... #Throwback Anyday's

Senior Ball 2006: Mitalee, Rihana, Me

Flash forward 7 years, Summer 2013 (I placed my camera on top of the car ... hehe)

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