Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The End of An Era. Manifest, China Town. July 17, 2013

Behind the Scenes. Photo by Emma De Vries
Emma in Sequin Dress with All Over Pleats ($90)
Crop Top ($20) Gold Jodhpurs and Navy Sequin Dress have been SOLD
Darsha in Suntan Beige Sequin Sheath ($70)

Venus Dress SOLD

Floral Crop ($20) Faux Suede Jodhpurs ($30) Ribbon Tube ($15)

Photo shoot with the awesome Lyle Amine for all of my "Moonshine" Collection garments and my "Venus" dress from junior year. We shot the collection at The Manifest in China Town, one of my favorite night time hangouts (old school hip hop lives on!) and not to mention a very cute cafe in the day time. Lyle shot about 7 garments within an hour and a half and the results were amazing. And of course, my models, Darsha Lee and Emma De Vries, were gorgeous! Thanks all for a great shoot and for Olo, for being a great fashion coordinator! Now that the shoot is done, the Gatsby Era is coming to a close. All the garments in the shoot are FOR SALE. More items not featured in this page are in my Etsy! Check it out:

Hair: Me
Makeup: Christina Lopez
Photography: Lyle Amine (If you haven't liked his page yet ... do it NOW! ;)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beach Date with Bejan. Haleiwa, Hawaii. July 13, 2013

My buddy Boo, Bejan (aka "B"), my fellow designer. He's Brilliant. You'll see in future posts 

Yummy Food! ... Ribbon Tube Top: My own design

Hell Yes to Thai Curry! 
Drinkin' that Juice

This guy!

Eats: Haleiwa Thai (Sorry guys its closed until 2014)
Juice: Lanikai Juice
Ribbon Tube Top: $15 (email me if you want to order)

There's nothing like a nice beach excursion on a quiet Saturday. We had no car so we bussed and walked everywhere, very hot, but it was good to explore Haleiwa on foot.
A point of interest, for locals and future visitors, The Ron Artis Music Gallery. You can't miss it, its the little house by the road with all the surf boards on the front lawn. When you visit Haleiwa, go in there and listen to the Artis kids play live. I was lucky enough to hear them because they're not always there. They're a revelation, they're so good. We're not talking kids bop here, they can play any genre from RnB to blues to rock. Thank you Bejan for introducing them to me!

Here's the link, now go ahead, check them out. No Excuses. ;)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fashion On a Friday Night. China Town, Honolulu. July 5th 2013.

Crop Top and Gold Jodhpurs: Model: Emma De Vries
Model: Anna Babakhanyan: Model and scientist. The hair is beautiful isn't it?!
Model: Tjan Lynn Capri Hall
Model: Naomi Starr Sula
Model: Michelle Pang
Make-up: Vanessa Li
Hair: Ashley

The Honolulu Fashion Invitational at The Fix was my last show in Hawaii and as usual it was stressful: standing in a full bus with two heavy bags for an hour and a half was not pleasant. The last minute steaming of clothes and hand tacking hook and eyes were also a usual fashion show ritual for me. But, with the help of my team, Vanessa, Ashley, my sisters, my friends Nozomi, Breanne, and my models, the end result was nothing short of amazing. All of my ladies were fierce, of course! And I got beautiful photos from it - shout out to Lyle Amine! A few of my favorites are above. What a good way to end my fashion show run.
Also, Check out my interview on Hawaii Red! I must say that the article is perfect (Thank you Emma) ... except for my picture because I had no make-up on and I had no sleep mehh.

Make-up: Vanessa Li (You have to go to her, she's the best. "LIKE" her page)
Hair: Ashley (Ask Vanessa when you liker her page)
Photography: Lyle Amine (For good photography go to Lyle, Real Talk, "LIKE" his page)

P.s. I'll be posting many blogs in one day, why? Because we have a lot to talk about ;) 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Day of Firsts. Art and Flea. Kaka'ako? June 27, 2013.

The Gold Jodhpurs

My sister Georgia holding my rom

I created a blog in 2010 when I was still living in San Diego for a few months as a nanny. I made one long lengthy post and after that ... I never blogged again. But, now that I've graduated and have one more month left in Hawaii, I'm going to start chronicling my adventures: nature and fashion!

To celebrate my "first" post, here are photos from Art and Flea, Thursday, June 27th. This was my first time vending my clothes and my first time being in Art and Flea. Ever. The atmosphere was lively and bustling and I definitely enjoyed it. Despite the unbearable heat of the second floor where my #model #assistant #fellowdesigner #littlebuddy(lol), Breanne and I were stationed, the Flea was fun ;). I met so many great people and talented vendors. I would definitely do it again.

P.s. Don't hesitate to contact me for clothing inquires. I apologize for the small pictures. For some reason when I enlarge them they become pixelated.
Photographer: Kate Wade and Honolulu Magazine

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