Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fashion On a Friday Night. China Town, Honolulu. July 5th 2013.

Crop Top and Gold Jodhpurs: Model: Emma De Vries
Model: Anna Babakhanyan: Model and scientist. The hair is beautiful isn't it?!
Model: Tjan Lynn Capri Hall
Model: Naomi Starr Sula
Model: Michelle Pang
Make-up: Vanessa Li
Hair: Ashley

The Honolulu Fashion Invitational at The Fix was my last show in Hawaii and as usual it was stressful: standing in a full bus with two heavy bags for an hour and a half was not pleasant. The last minute steaming of clothes and hand tacking hook and eyes were also a usual fashion show ritual for me. But, with the help of my team, Vanessa, Ashley, my sisters, my friends Nozomi, Breanne, and my models, the end result was nothing short of amazing. All of my ladies were fierce, of course! And I got beautiful photos from it - shout out to Lyle Amine! A few of my favorites are above. What a good way to end my fashion show run.
Also, Check out my interview on Hawaii Red! I must say that the article is perfect (Thank you Emma) ... except for my picture because I had no make-up on and I had no sleep mehh.

Make-up: Vanessa Li (You have to go to her, she's the best. "LIKE" her page)
Hair: Ashley (Ask Vanessa when you liker her page)
Photography: Lyle Amine (For good photography go to Lyle, Real Talk, "LIKE" his page)

P.s. I'll be posting many blogs in one day, why? Because we have a lot to talk about ;) 

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