Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some Good Ol' New York Fashion. Manhattan, New York

Speaking of dreams, this little kid popped into my picture. A child of promise.

"Pulitzer and Hearst they think they got us, do they got us?" "NO!" Yes, I am every bit a pansy.
Midnight dinner at Bryant Park

Finna Eat!
So ... not everyone can pull of the shaved side part look, but she works it so well. Her casual ensemble from head to toe is fresh and cool. Love the sandals! Nails are even perfectly manicured okay! Now if only I could pull off that hair. But alas, I'll leave it to awesome girls like her. Take note everybody!
Another photo op that I couldn't pass up. Let's talk about her polished and chic look, all white with orange accents: the belt and bag. Her dress, with small pleating at the neckline, is perfect for work or dressed down with minimal sandals for summer lounging. She has just enough jewelry on and what tops her look is ... her beautiful hair! Folks don't be afraid to DRESS UP. If you're going to get dressed, go all out, that means hair to toe! And that is the recipe to fabulous. ;)

Both of theses fabulous women I met were in Bryant Park. I have to say that Georgia and I fell madly in love with this place. It's beautiful, everyone looks photo ready, it's just my kind of place. But, besides the park, we visited the awe-inspiring Statue of Liberty . It was a muggy morning, but that couldn't hold down the grandiosity that is Lady Liberty. 

In the evening we watched Newsies The Musical! This is for hardcore Disney fans or Christian Bale fans. If you've seen the movie, which is one of our favorites, they changed some parts, but it's a lot of fun and the dancing is spectacular. You should definitely check it out even if you don't know what its about or if you just love a sausage fest! ;)

Thoughts on the style in the post?


  1. Truly enjoyed your musing. Mighty entertaining Pats. I'm glad you enjoyed your trips.

  2. Heeeey Pam! Let's talk style? I love both looks. I would wear both. So fun for summer. Let's talk hair? They were killin it. Loved the shaved part of the head with the long hair. It didn't look Rihanna-ish and not too masculine and not androgynous but feminine with little attitude. AND the fro, I will always have a special place in my heart for the fro. Love it.

  3. Lady E, you know your stuff! Rihanna's shaved head look is just too much. She just looks like she led a hard life lol. But our Ny girl is just the perfect amount of 'tude! And you know how I feel about big curly hair. Our lady in white is just so classy!


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